A Love for Craftsmanship and Authentic Restoration

Andrew Clyde, Master BuilderOwner and general contractor Andrew Clyde began his career as a carpenter working on Victorian homes in San Francisco over 30 years ago. Through his involvement with these finely-built structures from another era, he developed a love for authentic restoration and fine craftsmanship.

North Bay Builder Since 1981

After starting a small construction company in 1981, Andrew began managing his own renovation projects with a team of skilled carpenters and tradesmen. He relocated to Napa Valley in the mid-1980s, where he became involved in a wide range of unique construction projects from high-end renovations to beautiful custom homes, always bringing uncompromising quality to each endeavor.

Andrew has also acquired and developed his own spec projects, designing and building homes inspired by historical architecture and incorporating old-world craftsmanship. His ability to understand fine design and attention to detail has helped him succeed in a business where people value beauty and quality. He is joined by his wife, Karen, and the couple bring a well-rounded perspective to remodeling and new home construction.

Design-Build Project Manager and Construction Consultant

Andrew recommends the Design-Build construction project delivery method. Call us for expert attention on your construction project.